Third Edition

Descriptosaurus Third Edition

Now in a fully updated third edition, Descriptosaurus is the first book for creative writing that is a thematic expansion of a dictionary and a thesaurus; it provides children with a comprehensive resource with which to expand their descriptive vocabulary, experiment with language and sentence structure and build up narratives based around settings, characters and creatures.


“A fantastic resource for children and pupils aged 8-14 which helps the writer build up descriptions using increasingly sophisticated prompts. Great as a starting point for original ideas.” School Reading List

“Sometimes, we will use Descriptosaurus and scour the pages for words and phrases to use in our writing. These all get put into our vocab books too. If you haven’t encountered Descriptosaurus yet, it is well worth looking into.” Ian Addison

“Written with great clarity, creativity and a true understanding of what stimulates and engages the minds of children, Descriptosaurus is an essential resource for pupils, parents and professionals alike. This book is set to influence all who use it and create a generation of new young writers.” Francine Oddoye, Deputy Head Teacher, Clifton Hall School, Scotland

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