Now in a fully updated third edition, Descriptosaurus is the first book for creative writing that is a thematic expansion of a dictionary and a thesaurus; it provides children with a comprehensive resource with which to expand their descriptive vocabulary, experiment with language and sentence structure and build up narratives based around settings, characters and creatures.


“The Descriptosaurus series is an essential resource for all teachers. Children can use the modelled words, phrases and sentences to improve and develop their own writing which leads to independent, confident writing in the classroom. I cannot recommend every title in the series highly enough if you want your class to find their own unique written voice.”

Adam Bushnell, author of the Amazon #1 book Modelling Exciting Writing, @authoradam

“I first came across the Descriptosaurus when recommended to use it by a colleague and it is safe to say since that moment I have never looked back – it has been a true revelation in the teaching of creative writing! The ideas are given in an easy to follow format and children across our Key Stage Two classes enjoy delving in and expanding their vocabulary. It has also become a useful tool for teachers when planning modelled or scaffolded writing. The way that the Descriptosaurus picks a word, zooms in on it and expands upon it has really allowed children across Key Stage Two to make creative word choices. The alternative words and phrases also really help our children to assess whether their word choice is best or whether they could supplement for a different choice. It has had the most impact with reluctant writers who struggle to put pen to paper. These children have shown an increased level of confidence with their writing and are now much more likely to independently evaluate and experiment with their writing. More able children have also relished the opportunity to create their own word banks, expanding upon the ideas given in the Descriptosaurus. Overall, the Descriptosaurus has had a huge impact both upon the creative writing of the children and the way in which writing is taught within my school. The increased ability to play with words flows throughout school and many of our children are now much more confident with the writing process. Thank you Descriptosaurus – you have opened doors for children who once though that they could not write!”

Anne-Marie Scott, St John Southworth RC Primary School, Year 5 Class Teacher


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